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begin, drink, stink, shrink, sink, spring, swim, r

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begin began begun
to start doing something; to do the first part of something (начинать, начинаться)
drink drank drunk
to take liquid into your mouth and then down your throat into your stomach (пить)
swim swam swum
to move through water by moving your arms and legs, without touching the bottom (плавать)
ring rang rung
1) to phone somebody/something (звонить); 2) if you ____ a bell or if a bell ____s, it produces a sound (звенеть)
sing sang sung
to make musical sounds with your voice in the form of a song or tune (петь)
sink sank sunk
to go down below the surface or towards the bottom of a liquid or soft substance (тонуть)
stink stank stunk
to have a strong, unpleasant smell (вонять)
shrink shrank shrunk
to become smaller, especially when washed in water that is too hot; to make clothes, cloth, etc. smaller in this way (садиться - о ткани)
spring sprang sprung
to move suddenly and violently (пружинить)
run ran run
to move using your legs, going faster than when you walk (бежать)