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Reserves power for the states
10th Amendment
Why is it difficult to amend the Constitution
Requires supermajority vote to ratify
This case strengthened Federal Government and necessary and proper clause in defending the national bank
McCulloch v. Maryland
Madison in Federalist 10 and 51
Wanted to put power out of hands of simple majority and separate powers
When Government requires service without providing funds
Unfunded Mandate
Elastic Clause
Necesary and Proper Clause
What recently gave more power to the states?
Welfare Reform
Giving state governments greater discretion in deciding how to achieve the specific goals of welfare reform
Constitution dealt with voter eligibility by
Leaving it to the states
Give states most freedom in funding
Block Grants
How Federal Government bribes states to allow them to expand power
The common feature that linked the Great Compromise, the constitutional amendment process, and the electoral college is:
Money given to states for special education programs.
Categorical Grant
defined commerce as virtually every form of commercial activity.
Gibbons v. Ogden
The federal government and the states have separate but overlapping powers; where these powers conflict, the federal government prevails.
Constitutional Interpretation of Federalism
Different levels of government are involved in common policy areas.
Cooperative Federalism
A marriage performed in one state is legally valid in another.
Full Faith and Credit Clause