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Reconcile differences in bills passed by the House and Senate.
Conference Committee
the single most important variable in determining the outcome of an election for a member of the House of Representatives has been
Most of the bills introduced in the House and the Senate are then
Referred to committee but never sent to the full Congress
Most powerful person in Congress
Speaker of the House
Amendments to the bill cannot be offered
Closed Rule
The details of legislation are usually worked out in which of the following settings?
The practice in Congress whereby Representative A promises to vote for Representative B’s legislation, provided that Representative B will support Representative A’s legislation
Which of the following committees of the House of Representatives sets the conditions for debate and amendment of most legislation?
The voting patterns of members of Congress correlate most strongly with
Political Party Affiliation
It creates districts that favor one political party over another.
Congressional district boundaries are usually redrawn every ten years by the
State Legislatures
Permanent subject-matter Committees
Congressional standing committees
An electoral system based on single-member districts is usually characterized by
Domination of legislature by two parties
Right of members of Congress to send mail to their constituents at the government’s expense.
Franking privelige
Most senior person in the Senate of the majority party.
Senate President
Party leadership position that tries to ensure that the votes will be there.
A procedural motion that keeps a vote from happening or a nomination from occurring.
Senate Hold
A requirement in the senate that a vote can be prevented unless a motion of cloture can be passed.
Motion requiring 60 votes to force a vote
A way to force a vote in the House without the rules committee
Discharge petition
Senate has to ratify all treaties with a 2/3 vote.
Treaty Ratification
Department and Agency heads must be confirmed by a majority vote in the Senate
Case that allowed the courts to intervene in redistricting and to ensure "One person, one vote:
Baker v. Carr
Every ten years congressional and state boundaries are redrawn
Case that barred gerrymanders based on race
Shaw v. Reno
When representatives are trusted to make their own decisions
Trustee model
When representatives are expected to do exactly as their constituents want
Delegate Model
Combination of delegate and trustee models when representatives act as trustees in low-interest situations and delegates in high-interest situations
Politico Model
Body of 100 people that are 30 or older who confirm judges, ambassadors, and department heads and serve 6 year terms
435 people who are 25 and older and serve 2-year terms and they get to write all revenue bills
House of Representatives
a senator can remove restraints if no senator objects
unanimous consent
Most powerful person in the Senate who sets the agenda
Senate Majority Leader
2nd most powerful member of the House majority
House majority leader
Most powerful house member in the minority party
House minority leader
Most powerful Senate member of the minority party
Senate minority leader
when the House meets to discuss a bill as a committee
committee of the whole