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Which of the following best describes the primary formal role of the attorney general?
Runs Justice Department
When would veto be most likely to be upheld?
The more members of a party of the President in Congress
How did Primary elections affect party control?
Voters not party leaders chose candidates
If Congress adjourns during the ten days the president has to consider a bill passed by both houses of Congress, but which the president has not yet signed, what is the result?
Pocket Veto
Why do Presidents use executive orders?
They do not need to be passed by Congress.
What case showed there is no constitutional guarantee of unqualified executive privilege?
US v. Nixon
Rejects all sections of the bill.
The President has many powers of foreign policy, but lacks this key power?
Declare War
How can Presidents best affect the direction of the court?
Appointing judges
How to impeach and remove the President?
House Impeaches and Senate holds trial to remove
Why might department chairs no pursue a President's agenda?
Department heads have loyalty to their departments
Where does President get the most Congressional Support?
Foreign Policy
A president is most likely to persuade reluctant Congressmen to vote for a particular bill by
Making a direct appeal to the public through the mass media.
What is the primary function of the White House staff?
Advise the President
President has the power to send troops into battle
Agreements with foreign countries that do not need to be ratified
executive agreements
President gets to make treaties and executive agreements
President's Treaty Power
Vice President and heads of executive departments like attorney general and secretary of defense
Cabinet Members
Official representatives to other countries
Presidents can only serve two terms
22nd Amendment
Presidents have a responsibility to address Congress once a year
State of the Union
President can use his or her media attention to bring attention to issues of importance
Bully Pulpit
making judicial and bureaucratic appointments, commander-in-chief, veto
formal powers
bully pulpit, executive orders,
informal powers
the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments
cabinet members
People who do not need to be confirmed because they advise the President like the National Security Advisor, Chief of Staff, and Council of Economic Advisors
White House Staff
a directive issued by the president of the United States that manages operations of the federal government and has the force of law.
executive order
an elected president whose successor has already been, or in the near-term will be, elected
“Lame-duck” President
Hamilton wrote of needing an energetic single executive because good government requires an active executive
Federalist 70