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Which of the following United States Supreme Court cases established the principle of judicial review?
Marbury v. Madison
Supreme Court justices were given tenure subject to good behavior by the framers of the Constitution in order to ensure that
Free from political pressure
What has the Supreme Court done when Congress and the President have struggled for power?
Stay out of it
The tendency of judges to interpret the Constitution according to their own views.
Judicial Activism
The Supreme Court can overturn anything, but
the Constitution
What are written to lobby the courts?
Amicus Curiae briefs
A major reason why the majority of Supreme Court justices have had political experience prior to appointment to the Court is that
Presidents want justices with similar political beliefs
Interpreted the Fourteenth Amendment as extending the most of the requirements of the Bill of Rights to the states as well as the federal government.
Incorporation doctrine
The most important source of the Supreme Court’s caseload is
Appellate jurisdiction
Who sets the number of justices on the Supreme Court?
When a lower court decision is appealed to the Supreme Court, what is most likely to happen?
The Supreme Court will not hear the appeal
The meaning of the Constitution depends on the intention of the framers.
Original intent
Delays in confirmation of federal court nominees usually means
divided government
It encourages judges to follow precedent when deciding cases.
Stare decisis
reviews previous court decisions
appellate court
Nominations to the Supreme Court must be approved by a
Simple majority in the Senate
How does a case get taken by the Supreme Court?
4 Justices want to take it
document that argued judges should serve for life, use stare decisis, and judicial review
Federalist 78
a legal case that establishes a principle or rule.