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Il cielo era azzurro, e il sole splendeva.
The sky was blue, and the sun was shining.
Mentre preparava la cena, cantava.
While she was cooking dinner, she was singing.
I miei cugini non avevano mai visitato Londra.
My cousins had never visited London.
Mario era già stato all’estero molte volte.
Mario had already been abroad many times.
Dopo che ebbero finito di studiare, uscirono.
After they had finished studying, they went out.
Cosa stavi facendo lì per terra?
What were you doing there on the ground?
Stavo proprio per telefonarti.
I was just about to phone you.
Se venivi, mi facevi un piacere.
If you had come, you would have done me a favour.
Ho lavorato a Napoli per dieci anni.
I worked in Naples for ten years.
Marco è rimasto in Inghilterra per cinque mesi.
Marco stayed in England for five months.