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Italian Grammar • Various Sentences - Part 19

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a che ora spera di arrivare?
at what time do you expect to arrive?
dezidero stare qui, voglio stare qui
I want to stay here
mi piacerebbe stare qui
it would please me to stay here
non ho la voglia di stare qui
I don't feel like staying here
ho bisogno di farlo
I need to do it
non ha bisogno di farlo
you don't have to do it
non potevo trovarlo ieri
I couldn't find it yesterday
non avevo (il) tempo di farlo
I didn't have the time to do it
ero qui ieri sera
I was here yesterday evening
ma non era pronto
but it was not ready
tutto era pronto per Lei stasera
everything was ready for you this evening
ho occupato la casa
I have occupied the house
ho parlato con Lei
I spoke with you
ho comprato qualcosa per Lei
I bought something for you
non ho comprato la macchina per Lei
I didn't buy the car for you