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Transportation - Bus and train

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Koliko kosta karta do ______?
How much is a ticket to _____?
Jednu kartu do, _______ molim
One ticket to _____, please.
Gdje ide ovaj voz?
Where does this train go?
Gdje ide ovaj autobus?
Where does this bus go?
Staje li ovaj voz u __________?
Does this train stop in _____?
Staje li ovaj bus u _________?
Does this bus stop in _____?
Kada polazi voz za ________?
When does the train for _____ leave?
Kada polazi bus za ______?
When does the bus for _____ leave?
Kada ovaj voz stize na _______?
When will this train arrive in _____?
Kada ovaj bus stize na ______?
When will this bus arrive in _____?