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to broadcast propaganda
to send out a programme on television or radio that may be false or exagerrated in order to gain support for a political leader, a party etc
a leading article
a piece of writing which deals with the most important news item of the day.
editorial policy
the policy of the newspaper, as decided by the person in charge of producing the newspaper
sensational journalism
reporting which tries to get your interest by presenting facts or events as more shocking or worse than they are.
to carry a story
to include an item in a news report
news coverage
the reporting of news and sport in newspapers, tv, or radio.
to make front page headlines
to be an important item of news in the newspapers, on radio or TV.
breaking news
newly received information about an event that is currently taking place
up to the minute
having the latest information
stale news
information that is no longer interesting or new, because it has already been reported
falling circulation
the decline in the number of copies of a newspaper sold each day
celebrity endorsement
A form of brand or advertising campaign that involves a well known person using their fame to help promote a product or service
to subscribe to a magazine
to pay money regularly in order to receive a copy of a magazine
the financial sections
Newspapers have increasingly turned to providing expert, detailed analysis of recent events, for example in their financial or business sections.
online advertising
advertising a product or service on the internet
to slash the prices of products
to reduce the price dramatically
to be found guilty
the court decided that the person did commit the crime
to promote their products
to make products popular by advertising them.
to buy goods impulsively
to buy things suddenly without any planning and without considering the effects they may have
to be swayed by advertisements
to be influenced to buy things as a result of advertising
market research
the action of collecting information about what people buy
a price war
a situation in which companies or shops continually reduce their prices in order to attract customers away from their competitors
to launch a product
to introduce a new product
target audience
consumers whom businesses aim at when selling their products.
brand awareness
the action of bringing the name of a company to the attention of the public
prime time television
the hours during which most people are watching TV
the electronic media
broadcast media which use electronic technology, such as the internet, television, radio, DVDs etc
to impose regulations on
to control something by means of rules
commercial advertising
advertising on the radio or television, between or during programmes.
a method of selling things or taking orders for sales by telephone