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to take up exercise
(v) tập thể dục: Governments should provide sports facilities to encourage more people to take up sport.
to get into shape
(v) vào form:If people have a sedentary lifestyle, they must do regular exercise to _______.
to keep fit
(v) duy trì tình trạng sức khỏe tốt: A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are essential for people____
to exert oneself
(v) phát huy bản thân: Example: I believe that sports professionals deserve high salaries, because constant hard training is necessary so that they can _______ to the limit when they compete.
to work out at the gym
(v) rèn luyện tại phòng gym: As part of a healthy lifestyle, people of all ages should ______ on a regular basis.
to be out of condition
(v) trở nên không fit: One of the causes of obesity is that many people are _____ and fail to exercise regularly.
to be in the peak of condition
(v) đạt phong độ đỉnh cao: Sports professionals should receive high salaries, because they must always be _______ in order to perform at the highest levels.
to take gentle exercise
(v) tâp thể dục nhẹ nhàng: Even the elderly can keep fit by _______, like jogging or even a walk in the park.
alternative forms of exercise
(n) các hình thức tập thể dục thay thế: _____, such as yoga and tai chi, are popular in my country among people of all ages.
to outlaw dangerous sports
(v) cấm các môn thể thao nguy hiểm: I believe that the government should ______ because participants may suffer serious injuries.
on safety grounds
vì lý do an toàn: Boxing is a very dangerous sport and must be outlawed _______.
a low probability of injury
(n) xác suất chấn thương thấp: If anyone plans to take up mountaineering or skydiving, they should be aware that there is not ________.
life-threatening injuries
(n) chấn thương nguy hại đến tính mạng: Paragliding and cliff-jumping are two examples of extreme sports in which _______ are sustained all too often by those who take part.
an extreme sport
(n) môn thể thao nguy hiểm: Personally, I cannot understand why some people take up ________, and they should consider all the risks first.
essential sports gear
(n) thiết bị thể thao thiết yếu: In order to reduce the risks associated with dangerous sports, participants should undergo rigorous training and use all the ________ required.
to take sensible precautions
(v) có biện pháp phòng ngừa hợp lý: Anyone engaging in an extreme sport must _______ and seek expert advice.
to foster a competitive spirit
(v) để thúc đẩy tinh thần cạnh tranh: The problem with encouraging sport at school is that it _______ among students, instead of teaching children simply to do the best that they can in all aspects of life.
the Olympic ideal
(n) lý tưởng cố gắng hết sức trong cuộc thi, không vì mục đích thành tích: Unfortunately, professional sport is just another branch of the entertainment industry, and ______ has been lost.
a win-at-all-costs attitude
(n) thái độ thắng bằng mọi giá: Youth sport is being ruined by _______, which includes cheating and breaking the rules in order to achieve victory.
performance-enhancing drugs
(n) thuốc nâng cao hiệu suất: Athletes who take _______ are not only cheating, but they also set a bad example for young people.
to use illegal substances
(v) sử dụng các chất bất hợp pháp: In professional sport, it has become increasingly common to ________ in order to win at all costs.
to place too much value on sport
(v) đặt quá nhiều giá trị vào thể thao: I would argue that schools ______ in the curriculum, and participation in sport should be an out-of-school activity.
a sports fan
(n) người hâm mộ thể thao: While I think that it is healthy to be ______, people should remember that for most people, sport is just entertainment, not a matter of life and death.
to set a record
(v) lập kỷ lục: Real Madrid have _____ for the number of goals scored in a match.
sports coverage
(n) việc đưa tin thể thao: Many top sports stars are now known to millions of people around the world because of global ______ by the media.
sports commentators
(n) bình luận viên bóng đá: Not only sports stars, but even some ______ have become well-known celebrities.
sports merchandising
(n) bán hàng thể thao: _______ is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide, in the form of t-shirts and sports equipment.
the endorsement of sporting goods
(n) sự quảng cáo sản phẩm thể thao: In addition to their fabulous salaries, sports celebrities also make a great deal of money through their _______ such as trainers or even casual clothes or deodorants!
to fail a drugs test
(n) phát hiện sử dụng chất kích thích: Cycling is a sport which has been discredited in recent years, as so many competitors have _____