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The space race
Cuộc đua không gian giữa Liên Xô và Mỹ: _____ in the 1950s marks an important point in the development of space exploration.
A space probe
tàu thăm dò không gian: _____can be sent to far distances for long periods of time to gather information about different areas in space.
A lunar module
tàu thám hiểm mặt trăng: When the first men walked on the moon they came out of _______. The first man to walk on the moon said "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."
To put into orbit
đưa vào quỹ đạo: A new satellite has been _____ around the earth.
Manned space flight
chuyến bay có người lái: As _______ are so dangerous, many checks must be carried out first.
To launch a space rocket
khởi động tên lửa không gian: Nowadays, men _______ – not ships – to discover new worlds.
The cosmos
vũ trụ: Although the challenge of exploring and understanding ______ is exciting, it is also very expensive
To pour money into space research
đổ tiền vào nghiên cứu vũ trụ: Some people argue that it is wasteful to ______.
A test flight
chuyến bay thử nghiệm: _____ add to the huge costs of space exploration.
A space shuttle
tàu con thoi vũ trụ: The first ______ was front-page news, but now people are no longer excited by the concept.
A space station
trạm không gian: Even maintaining an international _______ is so expensive that the costs must be shared by several countries.
Space vogages
chuyến du hành vào vũ trụ: Public interest in the early ________ was unprecedented.
Space tourism
du lịch không gian: Billionaires are the only people who are likely to experience ______ in the foreseeable future.
To discover the mysteries of the universe
khám phá bí ẩn vũ trụ: Space exploration is an essential element in our attempt to ___________.
Space missions
nhiệm vụ không gian: Recent ________ have begun to explore Mars and more distant parts of the universe.
The conquest of space
cuộc chinh phục không gian: _______ is a challenge that continues to inspire the public imagination.
To be an inspiration to
là nguồn cảm hứng cho: The images of the first men on the moon were an inspiration to people, and made them more hopeful about the future.
Spacesuits and helmets
bộ đồ không gian: Astronauts must find it difficult to carry out maintenance tasks during space flights wearing uncomfortable spacesuits and helmets.
Vacuum-packed food
đồ ăn chân không: During manned space flights, astronauts have to live off vacuum- packed food.
Weightless conditions
trạng thái không trọng lượng: Astronauts work in weightless conditions, which must make even routine tasks very difficult.
To endure hardships and discomforts
trải qua điều kiện khó khăn gian khổ: I doubt that space tourism will have mass appeal in the future. Travellers would have to endure hardships and discomforts such as weightless conditions, vacuum-packed food and wearing spacesuits and helmets.
To float through space
trôi nổi trong khí quyển: Space tourism would be really boring, simply floating through space and looking out of the window of the spacecraft.
Zero gravity
không trọng lượng: Living in conditions of zero gravity in space must be extremely tiring and uncomfortable.
Satellite technology
công nghệ vệ tinh: Satellite technology has resulted in huge advances in communications and information-gathering.
A spin-off
sản phẩm phụ: Space programs have produced spin-offs that have revolutionized modern life, such as satellite television and communications.
To make space travel commercially viable
khiến du lịch vũ trụ thành công về mặt thương mại: Holidays in space are just fantasy. It is doubtful if it will ever be possible to __________.
The quest for a new homeland
khám phá nơi định cư mới: As humans are destroying their own planet, the ______ in the universe is essential.
Alien life forms
dạng sinh vật ngoài hành tinh: One of the most exciting possibilities of the space program is finding ______ on other planets.
Extraterrestrial life
sự sống ngoài trái đất: The quest for extraterrestrial life will prove that humans are not alone in the universe.
In the realm of science fiction
trong lĩnh vực khoa học viễn tưởng: Most of the arguments in favour of space programs are in ______.