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base on sth
to use as a foundation, starting-point etc
based on
Her latest novel is .................... the true story.
coming back
Images from that film keep ............................. to me.
face up to sth
to accept (an unpleasant fact, reality, etc.)
face up to
It’s time I ........................... the sad truth. I cannot sing.
go off
go out, to stop flashing
went off
Then the lights ....................... and a lonely figure appeared on the stage.
live up to sth
1. To live or act in accordance with. 2. To prove equal to. 3. meet the requirements or expectations of.
live down
To overcome or reduce the shame of (a misdeed, for example) over a period of time.
live in
To reside in the place where one is employed:
live out
To live outside one's place of domestic employment:
live with sth
To put up with; resign oneself to
live with it
disliked the situation but had to ........................ .
live up to
The concert didn’t quite ....................... our expectations.
take after
1. To follow as an example. 2. To resemble in appearance, temperament, or character.
take apart
1. To divide into parts after disassembling. 2. To dissect or analyze (a theory, for example), usually in an effort to discover hidden or innate flaws or weaknesses.
take back
To retract (something stated or written).
take down
1. To bring to a lower position from a higher one. 2. To take apart; dismantle
take for
1. To regard as: Do you take me for a fool? 2. To consider mistakenly: Don't take silence for approval.
take in
1. To grant admittance to; receive as a guest or an employee. 2. To reduce in size; make smaller or shorter:
take off
1. To remove, as clothing. 2. To release:
take on
1. To undertake or begin to handle: took on extra responsibilities. 2. To hire; engage
take out
1. To extract; remove: took the splinter out. 2. To secure (a license, for example) by application to an authority.
take over
1. To assume control, management, or responsibility. 2. To assume the control or management of or the responsibility for
take account of
To take into consideration.
take away from
To detract from
take care
To be careful:
take care
.......................... or you will slip on the ice.
take care of
To assume responsibility for the maintenance, support, or treatment of.
take effect
1. To become operative, as under law or regulation:
take exception
To express opposition by argument; object to:
take five
To take a short rest or break, as of five or ten minutes.
take it on the chin
Slang To endure punishment, suffering, or defeat.
take it or leave it
To accept or reject unconditionally.
take notice of
To pay attention to.
take time
To act slowly or at one's leisure.
take place
To happen; occur.
take part
to join to some event
take root
1. To become established or fixed. 2. To become rooted.
take sides
To associate with and support a particular faction, group, cause, or person.
take stock in
To trust, believe in, or attach importance to.
take up for
To support (a person or group, for example) in an argument.
take up with
To begin to associate with; consort with
took up
The rest of the boys................ the song after he started it.