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do cia
Thank you
ngi hou mou
How are you?
Tsai Gien
On zo
Good morning
Siit zu mut?
Good afternoon
Van on
Good night
Ngai hou
I'm good
On go hin gien do ngi
It's nice to meet you
Mang mang siik
Have a nice meal
Ngi siang ma ge
What's your name?
Ngai siang...
My name is...
Ngi he nai guet ngin
Where are you from?
Ngai ... loi gei
I'm from...
Ho kiu mo kien ngi
Long time no see
Ngai min pak
I understand
Ngai mm min pak
I don't understand
Ngai mm di
I don't know
Ngi hiau mm hiau det gong in vun
Do you speak English?
Iu ngin hiau det gong in vun mo
Is there anyone who can speak English?
Ngi gong hak ga fa
Do you speak Hakka?
fon ngiang