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aches and pains
minor pains that continue over a period of time
to be a bit off colour
to feel a little ill
to be at death’s door
(informal) to be very ill indeed
to be on the mend
to be recovering after an illness
to be over the worst
to have got through the most serious or uncomfortable stage of an illness
to be under the weather
(informal) to not feel well
a blocked nose
when the nose has excess fluid due to a cold
to catch a cold
to get a cold
a check-up
a physical examination by a doctor
a chesty cough
a cough caused by congestion around the lungs
cuts and bruises
minor injuries
to feel poorly
to feel ill
as fit as a fiddle
to be very healthy
to go down with a cold
to become ill
to go private
to choose to be treated by commercial healthcare rather than by services offered by the state
General Practitioner (family doctor)
to have a filling
to have a tooth repaired
to have a tooth out
to have a tooth removed
a heavy cold
a bad cold
to make an appointment
to arrange a time to see the doctor
to make a speedy recovery
to recover quickly from an illness
to phone in sick
to call work to explain you won’t be attending work due to illness
prescription charges
money the patient pays for medicine authorised by a doctor
to pull a muscle
to strain a muscle
a runny nose
a nose that has liquid coming out of it
a sore throat
inflammation that causes pain when swallowing