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(all the) mod cons
technology at home that makes jobs easier such as a washing machine, dishwasher etc.
apartment block
a large building made up of smaller units of apartments
back garden
a garden at the rear of the house
detached house
a house that is not physically connected to another property
to do up a property
to repair an old building
dream home
a home you regard as perfect
first-time buyer
someone buying a property for the first time, especially when taking out a loan (mortgage)
a rented property with all furniture included
to get on the property ladder
to buy a property with the aim of buying another bigger or more expensive one later in life
hall of residence
a college or university building where students live
home comforts
things that make a home feel comfortable to live in
looking for a property to live in
house-warming party
a party to celebrate moving into a new home
ideal home
a perfect home
to live on campus
to live on the university or college grounds
mobile home
a home that can be moved by a vehicle or one that has its own engine
to move into
to begin to live in a property
to own your own home
to have bought the property you live in
to pay rent in advance
weekly or monthly rent paid at the beginning of the week or month
permanent address
a fixed address
property market
the buying and selling of land or buildings
to put down a deposit
to pay an amount of money as the first in a series of future payments
rented accommodation
property owned by someone else and for which a person pays a fixed amount to live in
single room
a room for one person
spacious room
a large room
student digs
student accommodation
the suburbs
a residential area on the edge of towns or cities
to take out a mortgage
to borrow a large amount of money, paid back over several years, in order to buy a house
terraced house
a house connected on both sides by other properties