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to be below freezing
below zero degrees Celsius
bitterly cold
very cold and unpleasant
a blanket of snow
a complete covering of snow
boiling hot
very hot (informal)
weather that often changes
a change in the weather
when weather conditions change
clear blue skies
a sky without clouds
to clear up
when clouds or rain disappear
to come out (the sun)
when the sun appears out of a cloudy sky
a cold spell
a short period of cold weather
to dress up warm
to wear warm clothes to protect yourself against wintry conditions
a drop of rain
a little bit of rain
a flash flood
a sudden and severe flood
freezing cold
very cold (informal)
to get caught in the rain
to be outside when it rains unexpectedly
to get drenched
to get very wet
a serious condition caused by being too long in hot weather
a heatwave
a period of very hot weather
heavy rain
intense rainfall
long-range forecast
the weather forecast for several days or weeks ahead
mild climate
a climate without extreme weather conditions
mild winter
a winter that isn’t particularly cold
not a cloud in the sky
see ‘clear blue skies’ above
to pour down
to rain heavily
to be rained off
to be cancelled or postponed due to poor weather
sunny spells
short periods of sunny weather
thick fog
a dense fog that makes visibility very poor
torrential rain
see ‘heavy rain’ above
tropical storm
a storm typical of ones that you find in tropical climates
weather forecast
a TV/radio programme or section in a newspaper/magazine which predicts weather conditions