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to break up
to end a romantic relationship
to drift apart
to become less close to someone
to enjoy someone’s company
to like spending time with someone
to fall for
to fall in love
to fall head over heels in love
to start to love someone a lot
to fall out with
to have a disagreement and stop being friends
to get on like a house on fire
to like someone’s company very much indeed
to get on well with
to understand someone and enjoy similar interests
to get to know
to begin to know someone
to go back years
to have known someone for a long time
to have a lot in common
to share similar interests
to have ups and downs
to have good and bad times
a healthy relationship
a good. positive relationship
to hit it off
to quickly become good friends with
to be in a relationship
to be romantically involved with someone
to be just good friends
to not be romantically involved
to keep in touch with
to keep in contact with
to lose touch with
to not see or hear from someone any longer
love at first sight
to fall in love immediately you meet someone
to pop the question
to ask someone to marry you
to see eye to eye
to agree on a subject
to settle down
to give up the single life and start a family
to strike up a relationship
to begin a friendship
to tie the knot
to get married
to be well matched
to be similar to
to work at a relationship
to try to maintain a positive relationship with someone