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Unit 5 Los quehaceres domésticos Household jobs

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to tidy
arreglar el jardín
to do the gardening
barrer el suelo
to sweep the floor
to do the cooking
fregar el suelo
to mop the floor
hacer la cama
to make the bed
hacer las tareas dómesticas
to do the housework
ir de compras
to go shopping
lavar el coche
to wash the car
lavar la ropa
to do the washing
lavar los platos
to do the washing up
to clean
pasar la aspiradora
to do the vacuuming
pasear al perro
to walk the dog
planchar la ropa
to do the ironing
poner la mesa
to set the table
quitar la mesa
to clear the table
sacar la basura
to put the bin out