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stiamo amando
we are loving
state amando
you are loving
stanno amando
they are loving
sto potendo
I am being able (to)
stai potendo
you are being able (to)
sta potendo
he is being able (to)
stiamo potendo
we are being able (to)
state potendo
you are being able (to)
stanno potendo
they are being able (to)
sto sapendo
I am knowing (facts and skills)
stai sapendo
you are knowing (facts and skills)
sta sapendo
he is knowing (facts and skills)
stiamo sapendo
we are knowing (facts and skills)
state sapendo
you are knowing (facts and skills)
stanno sapendo
they are knowing (facts and skills)
sto dovendo
I am having to
stai dovendo
you are having to
sta dovendo
he is having to
stiamo dovendo
we are having to
state dovendo
you are having to
stanno dovendo
they are having to
sto prendendo
I am taking
stai prendendo
you are taking
sta prendendo
he is taking
stiamo prendendo
we are taking
state prendendo
you are taking
stanno prendendo
they are taking
sto vedendo
I am seeing
stai vedendo
you are seeing
sta vedendo
he is seeing
stiamo vedendo
we are seeing
state vedendo
you are seeing
stanno vedendo
they are seeing
sto volendo
I am wanting
stai volendo
you are wanting
sta volendo
he is wanting
stiamo volendo
we are wanting
state volendo
you are wanting
stanno volendo
they are wanting
sto mettendo
I am putting
stai mettendo
you are putting
sta mettendo
he is putting
stiamo mettendo
we are putting
state mettendo
you are putting
stanno mettendo
they are putting
sto bevendo
I am drinking
stai bevendo
you are drinking
sta bevendo
he is drinking
stiamo bevendo
we are drinking
state bevendo
you are drinking