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abbiamo stato
we have been
avete stato
you have been
hanno stato
they have been
sono stato
I have been (permanent state)
sei stato
you have been (permanent state)
è stato
he has been (permanent state)
siamo stati
we have been (permanent state)
siete stati
you have been (permanent state)
sono stati
they have been (permanent state)
ho avuto
I have had
hai avuto
you have had
ha avuto
he has had
abbiamo avuto
we have had
avete avuto
you have had
hanno avuto
they have had
ho fatto
I have done
hai fatto
you have done
ha fatto
he has done
abbiamo fatto
we have done
avete fatto
you have done
hanno fatto
they have done
sono andato
I have gone
sei andato
you have gone
è andato
he has gone
siamo andati
we have gone
siete andati
you have gone
sono andati
they have gone
ho dato
I have given
hai dato
you have given
ha dato
he has given
abbiamo dato
we have given
avete dato
you have given
hanno dato
they have given
ho amato
I have loved
hai amato
you have loved
ha amato
he has loved
abbiamo amato
we have loved
avete amato
you have loved
hanno amato
they have loved
ho potuto
I have been able (to)
hai potuto
you have been able (to)
ha potuto
he has been able (to)
abbiamo potuto
we have been able (to)
avete potuto
you have been able (to)
hanno potuto
they have been able (to)
ho saputo
I have known (facts and skills)
hai saputo
you have known (facts and skills)
ha saputo
he has known (facts and skills)
abbiamo saputo
we have known (facts and skills)
avete saputo
you have known (facts and skills)