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stavo parlando
I was speaking
stavi parlando
you were speaking
stava parlando
he was speaking
stavamo parlando
were speaking
stavate parlando
you were speaking
stavano parlando
they were speaking
stavo credendo
I was believing
stavi credendo
you were believing
stava credendo
he was believing
stavamo credendo
were believing
stavate credendo
you were believing
stavano credendo
they were believing
stavo partendo
I was leaving
stavi partendo
you were leaving
stava partendo
he was leaving
stavamo partendo
were leaving
stavate partendo
you were leaving
stavano partendo
they were leaving
stavo capendo
I was understanding
stavi capendo
you were understanding
stava capendo
he was understanding
stavamo capendo
were understanding
stavate capendo
you were understanding
stavano capendo
they were understanding
stavo essendo
I was being
stavi essendo
you were being
stava essendo
he was being
stavamo essendo
were being
stavate essendo
you were being
stavano essendo
they were being
stavo stando
I was being (permanent state)
stavi stando
you were being (permanent state)
stava stando
he was being (permanent state)
stavamo stando
we were being (permanent state)
stavate stando
you were being (permanent state)
stavano stando
they were being (permanent state)
stavo avendo
I was having
stavi avendo
you were having
stava avendo
he was having
stavamo avendo
were having
stavate avendo
you were having
stavano avendo
they were having
stavo facendo
I was doing
stavi facendo
you were doing
stava facendo
he was doing
stavamo facendo
were doing
stavate facendo
you were doing
stavano facendo
they were doing
stavo andando
I was going
stavi andando
you were going