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aveva dato
he had given
avevamo dato
we had given
avevate dato
you had given
avevano dato
they had given
avevo amato
I had loved
avevi amato
you had loved
aveva amato
he had loved
avevamo amato
we had loved
avevate amato
you had loved
avevano amato
they had loved
avevo potuto
I had been able (to)
avevi potuto
you had been able (to)
aveva potuto
he had been able (to)
avevamo potuto
we had been able (to)
avevate potuto
you had been able (to)
avevano potuto
they had been able (to)
avevo saputo
I had known (facts and skills)
avevi saputo
you had known (facts and skills)
aveva saputo
he had known (facts and skills)
avevamo saputo
we had known (facts and skills)
avevate saputo
you had known (facts and skills)
avevano saputo
they had known (facts and skills)
avevo dovuto
I had had to
avevi dovuto
you had had to
aveva dovuto
he had had to
avevamo dovuto
we had had to
avevate dovuto
you had had to
avevano dovuto
they had had to
avevo preso
I had taken
avevi preso
you had taken
aveva preso
he had taken
avevamo preso
we had taken
avevate preso
you had taken
avevano preso
they had taken
avevo veduto; visto
I had seen
avevi veduto; visto
you had seen
aveva veduto; visto
he had seen
avevamo veduto; visto
we had seen
avevate veduto; visto
you had seen
avevano veduto; visto
they had seen
avevo voluto
I had wanted
avevi voluto
you had wanted
aveva voluto
he had wanted
avevamo voluto
we had wanted
avevate voluto
you had wanted
avevano voluto
they had wanted
avevo messo
I had put
avevi messo
you had put
aveva messo
he had put
avevamo messo
we had put