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avevate messo
you had put
avevano messo
they had put
avevo bevuto
I had drunk
avevi bevuto
you had drunk
aveva bevuto
he had drunk
avevamo bevuto
we had drunk
avevate bevuto
you had drunk
avevano bevuto
they had drunk
avevo letto
I had read
avevi letto
you had read
aveva letto
he had read
avevamo letto
we had read
avevate letto
you had read
avevano letto
they had read
ero valso; valuto
I had been worth
eri valso; valuto
you had been worth
era valso; valuto
he had been worth
eravamo valso; valuti
we had been worth
eravate valso; valuti
you had been worth
erano valso; valuti
they had been worth
avevo detto
I had said
avevi detto
you had said
aveva detto
he had said
avevamo detto
we had said
avevate detto
you had said
avevano detto
they had said
ero venuto
I had come
eri venuto
you had come
era venuto
he had come
eravamo venuti
we had come
eravate venuti
you had come
erano venuti
they had come
avevo finito; ero finito
I had ended
avevi finito; eri finito
you had ended
aveva finito; era finito
he had ended
avevamo finito; eravamo finiti
we had ended
avevate finito; eravate finiti
you had ended
avevano finito; erano finiti
they had ended
avrò parlato
I will have spoken
avrai parlato
you will have spoken
avrà parlato
he will have spoken
avremo parlato
we will have spoken
avrete parlato
you will have spoken
avranno parlato
they will have spoken
avrò creduto
I will have believed
avrai creduto
you will have believed
avrà creduto
he will have believed
avremo creduto
we will have believed
avrete creduto
you will have believed
avranno creduto
they will have believed