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avrete bevuto
you will have drunk
avranno bevuto
they will have drunk
avrò letto
I will have read
avrai letto
you will have read
avrà letto
he will have read
avremo letto
we will have read
avrete letto
you will have read
avranno letto
they will have read
sarò valso; valuto
I will have been worth
sarai valso; valuto
you will have been worth
sarà valso; valuto
he will have been worth
saremo valso; valuti
we will have been worth
sarete valso; valuti
you will have been worth
saranno valso; valuti
they will have been worth
avrò detto
I will have said
avrai detto
you will have said
avrà detto
he will have said
avremo detto
we will have said
avrete detto
you will have said
avranno detto
they will have said
sarò venuto
I will have come
sarai venuto
you will have come
sarà venuto
he will have come
saremo venuti
we will have come
sarete venuti
you will have come
saranno venuti
they will have come
avrò finito; sarò finito
I will have ended
avrai finito; sarai finito
you will have ended
avrà finito; sarà finito
he will have ended
avremo finito; saremo finiti
we will have ended
avrete finito; sarete finiti
you will have ended
avranno finito; saranno finiti
they will have ended
che io parlassi
(that) I spoke
che tu parlassi
(that) you spoke
che lui parlasse
(that) he spoke
che noi parlassimo
(that) we spoke
che voi parlaste
(that) you spoke
che loro parlassero
(that) they spoke
che io credessi
(that) I believed
che tu credessi
(that) you believed
che lui credesse
(that) he believed
che noi credessimo
(that) we believed
che voi credeste
(that) you believed
che loro credessero
(that) they believed
che io partissi
(that) I left
che tu partissi
(that) you left
che lui partisse
(that) he left
che noi partissimo
(that) we left
che voi partiste
(that) you left
che loro partissero
(that) they left