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che tu valessi
(that) you were worth
che lui valesse
(that) he were worth
che noi valessimo
(that) were worth
che voi valeste
(that) you were worth
che loro valessero
(that) they were worth
che io dicessi
(that) I said
che tu dicessi
(that) you said
che lui dicesse
(that) he said
che noi dicessimo
(that) we said
che voi diceste
(that) you said
che loro dicessero
(that) they said
che io venissi
(that) I came
che tu venissi
(that) you came
che lui venisse
(that) he came
che noi venissimo
(that) we came
che voi veniste
(that) you came
che loro venissero
(that) they came
che io finissi
(that) I ended
che tu finissi
(that) you ended
che lui finisse
(that) he ended
che noi finissimo
(that) we ended
che voi finiste
(that) you ended
che loro finissero
(that) they ended
avrei parlato
I would have spoken
avresti parlato
you would have spoken
avrebbe parlato
he would have spoken
avremmo parlato
we would have spoken
avreste parlato
you would have spoken
avrebbero parlato
they would have spoken
avrei creduto
I would have believed
avresti creduto
you would have believed
avrebbe creduto
he would have believed
avremmo creduto
we would have believed
avreste creduto
you would have believed
avrebbero creduto
they would have believed
sarei partito
I would have left
saresti partito
you would have left
sarebbe partito
he would have left
saremmo partiti
we would have left
sareste partiti
you would have left
sarebbero partiti
they would have left
avrei capito
I would have understood
avresti capito
you would have understood
avrebbe capito
he would have understood
avremmo capito
we would have understood
avreste capito
you would have understood
avrebbero capito
they would have understood
avrei stato
I would have been
avresti stato
you would have been
avrebbe stato
he would have been