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avresti detto
you would have said
avrebbe detto
he would have said
avremmo detto
we would have said
avreste detto
you would have said
avrebbero detto
they would have said
sarei venuto
I would have come
saresti venuto
you would have come
sarebbe venuto
he would have come
saremmo venuti
we would have come
sareste venuti
you would have come
sarebbero venuti
they would have come
avrei finito; sarei finito
I would have ended
avresti finito; saresti finito
you would have ended
avrebbe finito; sarebbe finito
he would have ended
avremmo finito; saremmo finiti
we would have ended
avreste finito; sareste finiti
you would have ended
avrebbero finito; sarebbero finiti
they would have ended