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en grosshandel
(a) wholesale, wholesale supplier (a shop or business)
att skaka
to shake
en läsning
a reading (activity), reading matter
att lägga undan
to set aside, put away (especially referring to saving)
ett sömnmedel
a sleeping pill
1. absurd, ludicrous; 2. incongruous; 3. unreasonable, exorbitant
en varningstriangel
a warning triangle
en broms
a brake
en gruva
a mine [site]
existing, available
en nejlika
(a) clove (spice)
en uppriktighet
a sincerity, candor, frankness
ett horoskop
a horoscope
en anställning
a position, situation, job, post, employment
att grunda
to establish, found, start, set up