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Kahinanglan pa ba ko magdala ug dyaket?
Do I need to bring a Jacket?
Kahinanglan pa ba ko magdala ug payong?
Do I need to bring an umbrella?
Naa mo'y wi-fi?
Do you have Wi-Fi?
Maayong hapon.
Good afternoon.
Maayong gabii.
Good evening.
Maayong buntag.
Good morning.
maayong paglakaw
Kumusta ka?
How are you?
Gihigugma tikaw.
I love you.
Maayo ra, salamat. Ikaw?
I'm fine, thank you. How about you?
Pasaylo-a ko.
I'm sorry. (Apologise)
Nakisimpatiya ko nimo.
I'm sorry. (Sympathy)
Naa'y duol nga internetan diri?
Is there an Internet café nearby?
Ang ako pangan kay …
My name is … .
Nalipay ko nga nagka-ila ta.
Nice to meet you.
thank you
Unsa imo kalingawan?
What are your hobbies?
Unsa ang password sa wi-fi?
What is the Wi-Fi password?
Unsa ang imong pangan?
What is your name?
Unsa'y balita sa panahon?
What's the weather forecast?