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Pwede ko maka-order ug pagkaon?
Can I order some food?
Pwede kapangyo ug menu, palihog?
Could I have the menu, please?
Naa moy mga potahe para sa di mokaun ug karne?
Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
Naa ba moy ilimnon diri?
Do you serve alcohol?
Gi-apil na ang bayad sa inyo serbisyo?
Does the bill include the service charge?
Ekskiyus me, weyter?
Excuse me, waiter?
Ekskiyus me, weytres?
Excuse me, waitress?
Naa koy reserbasyon.
I have a reservation.
E dugang nalang ni sa bayranan nako sa kwarto, palihog.
I'd like this charged to my room, please.
Busog ko!
I'm full!
Gutom nako!
I'm hungry!
Ays palihog.
Ice please.
Mangayo pako ug tubig palihog!
More water please.
Wala ra'y ays palihog.
No ice please.
Ang bayranan, palihog.
The check, please.
Lami kaayo ang inyo pagkaon, salamat.
The meal was very good, thank you.
Wa mani lami, Di nako ni kan-on.
This is not good. I can't eat this!
Unsa ang imo marekomendar?
What would you recommend?
Unsa'y ispesyalty sa restawran?
What's the specialty of the restaurant?
Unsa'y espesyal karong adlawa?
What's today's special?