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Pwede ko mangayo ug bag, palihog?
Can I have a bag please?
Pwede ko mangayo ug resibo?
Can I have a receipt please?
Pwede nako ni masuwayan?
Can I try it on?
Walay hangyo?
Can you make it cheaper?
Pwede nimo masulat ang presyo palihog?
Can you write down the price please?
Naa mo'y lain nga kolor?
Do you have a different colour?
Naa pamo'y lain ani?
Do you have any more of these?
Naa mo'y gidak-on para nako?
Do you have my size?
Tag-pila ni?
How much does it cost?
Dli ko ka-apord ana.
I can't afford it.
Dili ko ganahan ana.
I don't want it.
Nagtan-aw ra ko.
I'm just looking.
Mahal ra kaayo.
It's too expensive.
Barato ra kaayo.
It's very cheap.
Ok, kuhaon nako.
OK, I'll take it.
Asa ko pwede makapabaylo sa ako traveler's cheque?
Where can I get a traveller’s cheque changed?
Asa ko pwede makapabaylo sa akong kwarta?
Where can I get my money changed?
Asa ang kahira?
Where is the cashier?
Gilimbong ko nimo!
You're cheating me!