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a time of rest from work, school etc
the activity of going to shops and buying things
a journey that you make on foot, especially for exercise or enjoyment
time alone
time by yourself without other people
time off
time when you do not have to be at work or school
time with
time not alone but with someone else
the coins and paper notes that you use to buy things
eat out
if you eat out, you go to a restaurant instead of staying at home
an occasion when you cook and eat hot food outdoors, on a fire or a special piece of equipment, or the equipment you use for this
musical instrument
something that you use for playing music, like a piano or guitar
a game or competition such as football or tennis, in which you use your body to play
an activity or sport in which people compete with each other according to agreed rules
a social event when a lot of people meet together to enjoy themselves by eating, drinking, dancing etc
to use your money to pay for goods or services or to use time doing a particular thing or pass time in a particular place