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a drawing of an area or country, showing rivers, roads, cities etc
money belt
a special belt containing your money, that you wear next to your body to protect the money against thieves
walking boots
a type of strong shoe that covers your foot and the lower part of your leg especially for hiking
a small book in which you can write things that you need to remember
a large bag that you carry on your back when you go walking or camping
something you keep to help you remember a place
a case for carrying clothes and other things when you travel
sun hat
a hat that you wear to protect yourself from too much sunshine
a thing that you hold over your head to protect yourself from the rain
an object like a large pair of glasses that you hold up and look through to see things that are far away
waterproof clothing or material does not let water in
digital camera
a device for taking photos or videos which can be then seen on a computer
a book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order, with their meanings in the same or another language
alarm clock
a clock that makes a noise to wake you up
a drug that stops pain
first aid kit
a box that contains bandages and basic medicines for use in an emergency
a substance that you use to wash yourself
travel guide
a book that provides information on a particular place