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mobile (phone)
a telephone that you can carry with you and use anywhere
a webpage in which someone writes about their opinions, activities etc, which has the newest information first
a place on the internet where you can find out information about something
text (message)
a written message that is sent or received on a mobile phone also known as sms
all the information that you can see in one part of a website
to add the most recent information to something
electronic mail; a system for sending messages by computer, or one of these messages
to look at the messages sent by a particular person using the social networking service Twitter
a connection between one file and another
to put a message or computer document on the Internet so that other people can see it
using software to make telephone calls over the Internet
social networking site
a website where people put information about themselves and can send messages to other people
to post something online so that others know about it
a feature on a mobile phone that allows a user to send and receive written messages