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sales rep
someone who travels around an area selling their company's products
fashion designer
someone whose job is to design new styles of clothes
IT consultant
someone whose job is to give advice about the use of computers
foreign correspondent
a reporter for news from abroad
personal trainer
someone whose job is to give advice how to exercise and be fit
rescue worker
someone whose job is to save people from danger
motorcycle courier
someone whose job is to take and deliver letters and packages on a motorcycle
deal with
if you deal with a problem, you do something to make sure that it reduces or no longer exists
if you risk something, you face the possibility that you may lose it
to receive something that someone gives you or sends you
a group of people who have been chosen to work together to do a particular job
the period of time when someone is alive
under pressure
to be in a difficult situation
your health is how well or ill you are
something bad or difficult that you have to deal with
someone who buys things from a shop or company
someone whose job is to keep records of how much money a business has received and spent
someone whose job is to design buildings
a man or woman who works in business
the most important cook in a restaurant
someone whose job is to repair electrical equipment
estate agent
someone whose job is to buy and sell houses and land for people
a woman who works at home doing the cooking, cleaning etc for her family
someone whose job is to advise people about the law and speak for them in court
personal assistant
someone who works for one person and helps them do their job
someone whose job is to repair water pipes, toilets etc
someone who works at a desk near the entrance of a hotel or other organization, and helps people when they arrive
sales assistant
someone who sells things in a shop
someone who works or is trained in science
a member of the army of a country, especially someone who is not an officer
TV presenter
someone who introduces the different parts of a television programme
someone who is trained to give medical treatment to sick animals