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CH5: Reinforcement vs. Punishment

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the presentation or addition of a stimulus after a behavior occurs increases the likelihood of the behavior recurring.
Positive Reinforcement occurs when...
the removal of a stimulus to increase behavior.
Negative Reinforcement refers to...
a stronger effect on behavior compared to reinforcers that are delayed.
Immediate reinforcers have...
INCREASES behavior.
All reinforcement....
decreases the likelihood that a behavior will occur again.
positive or negative.
Punishment can be...
Reinforcement to increase desirable behaviors is more effective than punishment to decrease undesirable behaviors.
_____________ is more effective at changing behaviors than ______________.
the behavior and not the person because you want to change the behavior AND for the person to feel supported.
A key concept in successful behavior modification is to focus conditioning on...
It is easier for people to change their behavior than to change who they are.
Why do we want to focus on behavior?