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CH5: Types of Reinforcement and Application

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Primary reinforcers are not learned.
______________ reinforcers are not learned.
Secondary reinforcers are associated, through experience, as being positive.
_______________ or conditioned reinforcers are associated, through experience, as being positive.
performing a behavior is inherently or internally reinforcing.
Intrinsic reinforcement occurs when...
the effective reinforcer is some consequence that is external to the behavior
Extrinsic reinforcement occurs when...
the reinforcer consists of verbal praise or is made contingent on high-quality performance.
Extrinsic reinforcement can strengthen intrinsic interest when...
the reinforcer is expected, tangible (money), or is made contingent on mere performance of the task ( aka quality doesn't matter).
Extrinsic reinforcement can undermine intrinsic interest when...
Intrinsic reinforcement
Over time _______ (extrinsic/intrinsic) reinforcement is more effective.
consequences that typically follow a behavior.
Natural reinforcers are...
consequences that are artificially arranged in order to deliberately modify a behavior.
Contrived reinforcers are...
the creation of a novel behavior through the reinforcement of gradual approximations to that behavior.
Shaping is...
a secondary reinforcer.
Effective shaping is often carried out with the use of...
modifying behavior in the treatment of several conditions/disorders.
Operant conditioning also offers a method for...
cases of autism to reinforce the frequency of adaptive behaviors and in some cases punishment is used to decrease the likelihood of maladaptive behaviors.
Applied behavioral analysis techniques are used in...
start with contrived reinforcers and move to natural reinforcers.
In behavioral modification techniques, sometimes it is necessary to...