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CH8: Problems and Side Effects of Punishment

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It might teach the individual to avoid the person punishing them; the punisher could become a discriminative stimulus so that the behavior is only suppressed around them; it could cause a strong emotional response that interferes with attempts to teach appropriate behavior; it could cause an increase in aggressive behavior; it could teach the individual that punishment is an effective means of controlling behavior; it might result in a generalized suppression of behavior; punishment is immediately effective and so it strongly reinforced in the punisher.
Be able to list the 7 problems with punishment:
improvements in social behavior (appeasement); educational by increasing attention to the environment; educational by maintaining stability and order.
The 3 beneficial side effects of punishment that can occur are:
1) if delivered immediately, 2) if delivered consistently, 3) at sufficient intensity to suppress the behavior, 4) if accompanied by an explanation, 5) if combined with positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior.
What are the 5 components needed for the most effective punishment? Punishment is more effective: