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CH1: Nature versus Nurture Debate

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assumes that a person's abilities and tendencies are largely inborn; Nature perspective.
The nativist perspective....
assumes that a person's abilities and tendencies are mostly learned by experience; Nurture perspective.
The empiricist perspective...
believed that knowledge is gained largely from experience and believed that learning is based on four laws of association.
Aristotle was a(n)
Similarity, Contrast, Contiguity, and Frequency.
The Four Laws of Association are the Laws of:
that events that are similar to each other are associated with each other.
The Law of Similarity states...
that events that are opposite to each other are readily associated.
The Law of Contrast states...
that events that occur in close proximity to each other in time or space are readily associated.
The Law of Contiguity states...
that the more recurrently two items are perceived together, the more strongly they are associated.
The Law of Frequency states...
proposed that involuntary behaviors are automatically elicited by external stimulation and that voluntary behaviors are controlled by free will (mind-body dualism).
Descartes was a(n)...