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Ольга студентка и Вера тоже студентка.
Olga is a student, and Vera is a student also.
Борис учитель, а Вадим студент.
Boris is a teacher, but Vadim is a student.
Я студент и она студентка.
I am a student, and she is a student.
Я не студент, а учитель.
I am not a student, but a teacher.
Я студент, а не учитель.
I am a student, not a teacher.
Я студент. А кто вы?
I am a student. Who are you (plural)?
Андрей и учитель и врач.
Andrei is both a teacher and a doctor.
Этот дом наш, а тот ваш.
This house is ours, and that one is yours (formal).
Сестра и брат дома.
The sister and brother are at home.
Ольга и Иван брат и сестра.
Olga and Ivan are brother and sister.
Я студент а он врач.
I am a student, but he is a doctor.