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Сколько хлеба было на столе?
How much bread was on the table?
На столе было мало хлеба.
On the table there was little bread.
На столе был стакан воды.
On the table there was a glass of water.
Сколько тут мяса?
How much meat is here?
Тут фунт мяса.
Here is a pound of meat.
Сколько там было вина?
How much wine was there?
Там была одна бутылка.
There was one bottle.
Я видел на полке кусок сыра и стакан молока.
I saw on the shelf a piece of cheese and a glass of milk.
Ольга ела мало масла.
Olga ate little butter.
В бутылке было очень мало вина.
In the bottle was very little wine.
Иван всегда пил много воды и ел много хлеба.
Ivan always drank too much water and ate too much bread.
Сколько тут молока?
How much milk is here?
Сколько сыра в кухне?
How much cheese is in the kitchen?
В кухне фунт сыра.
In the kitchen is a pound of cheese.
На полке только одна бутылка вина.
On the shelf, there is only one bottle of wine.
Я видел только маленький кусок хлеба на столе.
I saw only a small piece of bread on the table.