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Was, Was Not

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На столе было карандаш.
There was a pencil on the table.
На столе было вино.
There was wine on the table.
На столе было книга.
There was a book on the table.
На столе было книги.
There were books on the table.
Здесь не было карандаша.
There was no pencil here.
На столе не было вина.
On the table there was no wine.
На этой улице не было школы.
On this street there was no school.
На полке не было книг.
On the shelf there were no books.
Ивана нет дома.
Ivan is not home.
Его нет дома.
He isn't home.
Вчера Ивана не было дома.
Yesterday Ivan was not at home.
Моего синего пера не было на столе.
My blue pen was not on the table.
Его там не было.
It was not there.
Книги не было в моей комнате.
The book was not in my room.
Он давно не был в Нью-Йорке.
He hasn't been to New York for a long time.
Кого сегодня не было в школе?
Who wasn't at school today?