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a [a, ʔ, ʕ]
b, w [β~w]
g [ɡ]
d [d]
e [i, e]
z [z]
ē / e [eː]
th / t' [tʰ]
i [iː~j]
k [k]
l [l]
m [m]
n [n]
o [o]
p [p]
r [r]
s [s]
t [t]
u / ou [uː][note 2]
ph / p' [pʰ]
kh [kʰ]
ō / o [oː]
sh / š [ʃ]
f [f]
x [x]
h [h, ħ]
j / dzh [dʒ]
q / tsh [kʲ, tʃ]
ti / de [ti, de]