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Come aiuti in casa?

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apparecchiare la tavola
to set the table
sparecchiare la tavola
to clear the table
badare ai bambini
to look after the children
mettere in ordine la mia camera
to tidy my room
dare da mangiare al cane
to feed the dog
portare fuori il cane
to walk the dog
fare la spesa
to go food shopping
caricare la lavastoviglie
to load the dishwasher
scaricare la lavastoviglie
to unload the dishwasher
mettere i panni sporchi in lavatrice
to put dirty laundry in the washing machine
passare l'aspirapolvere
to vacuum
to iron
stendere i panni
to hang out the clothes
to cook
pulire la casa
to clean the house
lavare i piatti
to wash the dishes
lavorare in giardino
to work in the garden
fare il letto
to make the bed
faccio il letto
I make the bed
aiuto in casa facendo la spesa
I help at home by doing the shopping