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Being Human

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shiawase desu
is happy
kanashin de imasu
is sad
okotte imasu
being angry
machigatte imasu
that's wrong
tadashii desu
is right; is correct
tsukarete imasu
being tired
but; (subject particle)
ii desu; yoi desu
is good; can (permission)
warui desu
is bad
feeling; mood
kibun ga warui desu
is sick
suite imasu
being empty
onaka ga suite imasu
being hungry
kawaite imasu
being dry
nodo ga kawaite imasu
being thirsty
watashi wa kibun ga warui desu
I'm sick
Riho san wa tsukarete imasu
Ms. Riho is tired; Ms. Riho, you're tired
Shō san wa onaka ga suite imasu ka?
Is Mr. Sho hungry?; Mr. Sho, are you hungry?
watashi wa machigatte imasu ka?
am I wrong?
watashi wa tadashii desu
I'm right