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have or not to have

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jesh li
i have
ejn lach
you (f) don't have
jesh lecha
you (m) have
ejn lahem
they don't have
jesh lach
you (f) have
ejn lachem
you (plural) have no..
jesh lo
he has
ejn Lanu
we don't have
jesh la
she has
ejn la
she doesn't have
jesh Lanu
we have
ejn lo
he has no...
jesh lachem
you (plural) have
ejn lecha
you (m) don't have
jesh lahem
they (m) have
ejn li
i don't have
jesh lahen
they (f) have
jesh li ssefer
i have a book
ejn lahem dira
they don't have an appartement