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Martin said that he doesn't want to listen to that song
Martinek abesti hori entzun nahi ez duela esan du
Martin said "I don't want to listen to that song"
Martinek "ez dut abesti hori entzun nahi" esan du
Anne shouted that she didn't agree
Annek ados ez zegoela oihukatu zuen
Anne shouted "I don't agree!"
Annek "ez nago ados!" oihukatu zuen
Paul announced that he's going to get married on March
Paulek martxoan ezkonduko dela adierazi zuen
Paul announced "I'm going to get married on March"
Paulek "martxoan ezkonduko naiz" adierazi zuen
Tamara said that she's going to write a book
Tamarak liburu bat idatziko duela esan zuen
Tamara said "I'm going to write a book"
Tamarak "liburu bat idatziko dut" esan zuen
Emma explained that her friend was from Asia
Emmak bere laguna Asiakoa dela azaldu zuen
Emma explained "my friend is from Asia"
Emmak "nire laguna Asiakoa da" azaldu zuen
Shaun thought that the burguer was delicious
Shaunek hanburgesa goxo zegoela pentsatu zuen
Shaun thought "the burguer is delicious"
Shaunek "hanburgesa goxo dago" pentsatu zuen