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portatus sum
I have been carried
portatus es
you have been carried
portatus est
she has been carried
portati sumus
we have been carried
portati estis
you pl have been carried
portati sunt
they have been carried
doctus sum
I have been taught
doctus es
you have been taught
doctus est
she has been taught
docti sumus
we have been taught
docti estis
you pl have been taught
docti sunt
they have been taught
tractus sum
I have been dragged
tractus es
you have been dragged
tractus est
it has been dragged
tracti sumus
we have been dragged
tracti estis
you pl have been dragged
tracti sunt
they have been dragged
auditus sum
I have been heard
auditus es
you have been heard
auditus est
she has been heard
auditi sumus
we have been heard
auditi estis
you pl have been heard
auditi sunt
they have been heard
captus sum
I have been captured
captus es
you have been captured
captus est
she has been captured
capti sumus
we have been captured
capti estis
you pl have been captured
capti sunt
they have been captured