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Chapter 5 Sentences

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Holisso ma̱ katimma ish bohli tuk?
Where did you put that book?
Kanimma bohli li tuk.
I placed it somewhere.
Kanimma ia chi bvnna ho̱?
Do you want to go somewhere?
Himak nittak a̱ aiittvtoba ia sv bvnna.
I want to go to the store today.
Holbvttoba ya̱ aiimpa pakna talohli.
She is setting pictures on top of the table.
Katimi ho̱ chim ofi i̱ holbvttoba i̱shi?
Why does she have your dog’s picture?
Ak ikhano.
I don’t know.
Kanimi ho̱ vm ofi aiokpanchi.
She likes my dog for some reason.
Katimi ho̱ vlla yvt balili bvnna?
Why does the child want to run?
Kanimi ho̱ okla balili bvnna.
They want to run for some reason.
Okla ittimpakna bvnna ho̱?
Do they want to race?
Kanimi kia balila chi̱.
They(singular) will run for any reason.