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Chapter 7 Sentences

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Chi̱ tek vt wak apesvchi aiokpanchi ho̱?
Does your sister like cowboys?
A̱, im issuba ombinili beka tuk.
Yes, she usually rode his horse.
Pim vlla yvt issuba ombinili bvnna.
Our child wants to ride a horse.
Shvpo micha shulush chaha chompa tuk.
She bought a hat and boots.
Na pakanli yvt chim aiimpa ontala̱ya.
The flowers are setting on your table.
Na pakanli tuklo kvt homma.
Two of the flowers are red.
Hvchim issi kosoma yvt a̱ na pakanli vpa tuk.
Your (all’s) goat ate my flowers.
Issi kosoma aiokpanchi li kiyo.
I don’t like goats.
Nanta hosh chim abinili o̱hiki̱a?
What (same subject in answer) is standing on your chair?
Yvmmvt hvpim ofo̱sik.
That is our (all’s) puppy.
Katimi ho̱ vlla nakni yvt chim ofi habli?
Why is the boy kicking your dog?
Vm ofi yvt vlla nakni ma̱ kopoli tuk.
My dog bit that boy.
Kvta hosh pim aiittvnaha ia chi̱?
Who (same subject in answer) will go to our church?
Ohoyo moma kvt taloa chi̱.
All of the women will sing.
Hvchim ikhvnanchi yvt taloa chi̱.
Your (all’s) teacher will sing.
Hvpim alikchi yvt haklo bvnna.
Our (all’s) doctor wants to listen.