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Chapter 9 Sentences

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Svshki micha a̱ki yvt aiittvnaha ittiachi.
My mom and (my) dad are going to church.
Onnakma, tvmaha il ilhkola chi̱.
Tomorrow, we (3 or more) will go to town.
Hvpi̱ kaa yvt iskitini chohmi.
Our (all’s) car is somewhat small.
Kvta hosh issuba ombinila chi̱?
Who (same subject in answer) will ride the horse?
Chimafo yvt nanta hopa̱sa tuk?
What was your grandpa chewing?
Vmafo yvt iti tvpa iskitini hopa̱sa tuk.
My grandpa was chewing a small stick.
Hohchvffo tuk o̱?
Was he hungry?
Keyu, vmafo yvt i̱ noti kashoffi tuk.
No, my grandpa cleaned his teeth.
Katimikash okhvta hvsh ilhkoli tuk?
When did you all (3 or more) go to the lake?
Tustiash okhvta iloh ilhkoli tuk.
We (all) went to the lake last Tuesday.
Satvtikma nvni e hokla chi̱.
We will catch fish on (this) Saturday.
Hvpishki yvt nvni hopona chi̱.
Our (all’s) mom will cook fish.
Hattak tuklo mvt peh nusi ho̱?
Are those two men just sleeping?
Keyu, hattak tuklo mvt nukoa.
No, those two men are angry.
Katimi ho̱ nukoa?
Why are they (singular) angry?
Palvska latvssa bvnna tuk.
They (singular) wanted pancakes.